Piranha Black Mask



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Piranha Black Mask

Product approved by CITEVE: n. 8831A / 2020,
Particle Retention Capacity (PRC) ≥ 70%,
Air permeability: air flow ≥ 8 / min, according to EN ISO 9237: 1995,
Product indicated to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus (SARS – CoV – 2).
Size: Adult
REF 209003

Fabric 100% Polyester.
Guaranteed performance for up to 25 wash cycles,
Washable at 60º and reusable,
Anti bacterial finish,
With nose fit,
Pleated style,
Ear elastics.

Instructions for use:
Washing is recommended before first use,
They should be washed using a complete washing cycle of at least 30 minutes at 60ºC with detergent,
They should only be used after they are well dried.

Sold by the unit.
Lasts for 25 washes.
One size.

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