Rotary machine Buffalo Rotary


Very strong, vintage design traditional rotary tattoo machine


Powerful Buffalo Rotary

  • Handmade 4 piece tig welded iron frame;
  • Custom Matte Tiffany Blue powder coat finish;
  • Pure brass cam and contact bind;
  • Custom handmade tube vice nut with coin;
  • Stainless steel screws and tube vise lock;
  • Fully high quality bearing driven system;
  • New improved tube vise lock, locks any grip with ease, no matter is it steel or disposable;
  • Classic Clip-cord connection, best for comfortable, maneuverable use;
  • Powerful 8,5Watt Faulhaber Motor with dual ball bearings, gives a possibility to run this machine slowly for whip or dot shading style or traditional color packing and as a very fast bold liner, just change the voltge and choose Your speed;
  • Special cam performs a good hard hit of the machine;
  • Needle stroke is 4.5mm;
  • This machine does not need any lubricating;
  • Buffalo operates its Speed and Power on 6,5-12,0 Volts;
  • Big range of speed adjustment with lots of power, from 65 up to 120hits per second;
  • Weight: ~140grams/4,9oz makes color packing or lining faster and easier with no need to push machine by hand;
  • Great balanced weight and low vibration (vibration is lower than coil machine, for the best comfort recommended to use with steel or aluminum grips);
  • There are no springs in this machine, that way it has a free hit, feels like a coil machine but with much less pain and skin trauma;
  • Its perfect for standart premade needles and needle cartridges;
  • This machine is not for Realistic Style artists, Buffalo is more traditional, bold style machine for whip shading, solid color packing and bold lining;
  • It will push any needle grouping with ease.
  • 1 year warranty: It means, if Your machine breaks or starts working bad, we will repair it, just write us a message, certainly, if You didn’t modified or damaged it by Yourself. Service shipping costs are not included into warranty.
  • Package includes spare bearing damper set: damper, o-ring and allen key. Use it in case Your original damper damaged or worn out. Check video user’s manual below.

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Black, Tiffany Blue


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